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Looks pretty interesting. I'm so anxious to play the full version and review it :)

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Thanks! Honestly, the game is mostly style over substance. Still considering the idea of adding some new features and calling it the final version down the road. 

I just have a lot to learn about programming before I can get there! 

Do you have any social media?


I am on instagram! Mostly art, comics, and synths.

I don't have an Instagram. I mostly use twitter. 

Really enjoyed this game! So far I've gotten 3 different endings and found the out of bounds area. I think I've been everywhere but I'll probably go back and explore a bit more.


I'm psyched that you're into it! Very happy to hear you're enjoying finding all the hidden parts! I'm not much of a programmer, so I tried to make the world as diverse and entertaining as i could!
I will say that there are 4 possible endings, but the 4th is super hard. I intentionally left very few clues, as it is sort of a spoiler to the comic series i've been working on. 
Thanks for checking it out!

Alright so I found the 4th ending! (The brother one) Exploring this game has been a lot of fun! Love the story and the art, I'll have to check out your other work too.
Thinking of checking out nes maker now as well!

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I’m using NESmaker to make everything, which is a total game changer for me. I’m terrible at coding and script writing and all that, so the game genre modules are the perfect starting point. 

It requires very little programming knowledge to get going, but games can also be built from scratch using ASM.

Also, there are many useful videos and forum posts to help you figure out bug fixes and implementing new features. The NESmaker community is seriously top notch!

Cool game! I liked the vibe, it made me think about the old zelda/mario games I used to play so much back in the days ahah. Even thought I've had a few bug like you said it could happen, I've had fun playing it! 

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Thanks for the kind words! The original Nintendo was my first system, and has a permanent place in my heart. Never figured out how to make video games though, so I focused on art instead.
I'm terribly inexperienced with programming and coding, and have to give massive thanks to NESmaker for developing software I can actually use to build this. At this point, I can put together proof of concept stuff, not sure about World Championships! haha